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2023 gets off to a strong start, with China’s bicycle production up 21% year-on-year

Europe has a strong bicycle culture and is one of the main consumer markets for bicycles. In recent years, bicycle sales in Europe have continued to grow, and production has also continued to climb. As a major country in bicycle production, China exports 95% of its bicycle output. Last year, it achieved impressive results, with bicycle exports reaching 800 million euros.

In 2023, the development of China’s bicycle industry will not be weak at all, but will have a strong start to the new year. According to data released by China’s National Bureau of Statistics (INE), the export volume of China’s two-wheeler and moped industry increased in January. 21.68%. The development of the component manufacturing market has led to the rise of large assembly plants in China and Europe. The export volume of China’s bicycles and parts is also breaking new records, and the idea of building a high-end parts manufacturing industry has also emerged. China now has the largest bicycle assembly plant in Europe. As well as the first carbon fiber frame manufacturer outside of Asia, a joint venture with Chinese, German and Chinese capital.

The huge demand for bicycles in Europe has become a hotbed for the birth of China’s bicycle industry. Among them, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain are the main export destinations of China. Last year alone, China’s exports to France reached 175.8 million euros, a year-on-year increase of 87.9%. The continuous growth of exports has also made China the largest bicycle exporter in Europe for three consecutive years.
The industry is going through “good times” due to the huge demand in Central and Nordic countries. Gil Nadez Abimota, chairman of the Two Wheels Industry Association, said that China took this opportunity to look at the global market and decided to shift its market target to the North American market in the next stage. This is more strongly supported.


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