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New popular electric tricycle in the US

New popular electric tricycle in the US—China Carge electric tricycle

Recently, an interesting video showing the popularity of Chinese electric tricycles in small American towns has attracted attention on the Internet. From the lightweight vehicle shape to the “Please pay attention to reversing” prompts, it has aroused the curiosity of American locals. According to the Chinese Electric Tricycle Factory According to reports, since Christmas this year, the number of domestic American consumers placing orders for Chinese-made electric tricycles from major e-commerce platforms has continued to surge.

The origin of the matter is that a short video blogger living in the United States asked a friend to buy an electric tricycle from China and sent it across the ocean to his father-in-law in the United States. The tricycle is not only legally licensed locally, but also attracts the attention of American neighbors because of its flashing lights and high-pitched music. Everyone has taken videos and posted them online, asking for links.

This electric tricycle has the feature of adding a body at the rear of the electric vehicle. It is very practical, visible, and in line with the actual production and life conditions for American small town residents who often need to transport food, building materials, and daily necessities in a large area with a small population. , products that serve ordinary people’s families will be welcomed wherever they are.

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