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Ebike Preventative maintenance – keep it running

Initial break in tune up: During the first couple of months, new cables will stretch and some bolts may come loose. It is a good idea to do a thorough inspection of the bike a couple of months after purchasing a bike to tighten bolts and adjust shifter and brake cables. Many bike shops offer this initial tune up service for free.
Shift gently: Slow down your pedaling briefly when shifting gears. This reduces strain on the chain and gears and helps them last longer.
Protect your bike from the elements when you are not riding. Rain rusts your chain and other components.
Clean your bike regularly, particularly after rain. Just like cleaning a car, cleaning a bike prolongs both its appearance and smooth efficient operation. Cleaning the drivetrain (the chain, gears and derailleur) with a degreaser and rag and reapplying lubricant is also a good idea as chain lube collects dirt that can wear down the drive train.
Preventative maintenance: Like a car, a bicycle will need occasional maintenance over time to stay in good working order.

● Monthly
○ Keep the tires properly inflated: If you only learn how to do one type of maintenance on your bike, make it pumping up your tires.13 Bike tires lose air over time – as much as a couple of PSI (pounds per square inch) per week and usually should be topped off once a month. Keeping your tires properly inflated will make your bike easier to ride and protect you from “pinch flats” where the tube gets pinched when you hit a pothole or other sharp object in the road. Tires list either a maximum pressure or more commonly a suggested range.
● Twice a year – As with a car, some parts of a bike regularly wear out and need to be replaced. The frequency with which you need to check them will vary depending on how much and how hard you ride. Start with at least a twice a year check in and adjust as you learn how fast parts on your bike wear out.


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