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Electric bicycles have become the most popular means of transportation

Electric bicycles have become the most popular means of transportation, and Law enforcement in the United States departments are using them

Due to the rapid popularity of electric bicycles, they are not only used for leisure or commuting, but also provide many efficient tools for commercial applications. For example, Amazon’s freight bicycles and bulky trucks not only advocate for environmental protection, but also greatly improve delivery efficiency. Compared to the vehicles used by police in daily tasks, electric bicycles in crowded urban areas and city centers may make police work easier. Compared to police cars, electric bicycles are deployed faster and can be used in more places due to their low cost, which can also accelerate the response time of police personnel to emergencies.

According to Deloitte’s survey data in Germany in June this year, electric bicycles have become the most popular means of transportation, followed by electric cars (7%), electric scooters (7%), electric Moped (3%), electric motorcycles (2%) and electric mini cars (1%). Even in the United States, the sales of electric bicycles have exceeded the sales of electric vehicles, and the imports of bicycles in Europe and the United States are also rising.

China is the world’s largest exporter of bicycles, and Zhejiang is one of the main producing areas of bicycles in China. It also has many excellent electric bicycle manufacturers, among which CEMOTO Enterprise is one of them. It is a new cross-border enterprise that uses intelligent transportation and high-tech electronic product brands in the entire industry chain of capital, procurement, sales, international transportation, overseas warehousing and after-sales service. A comprehensive range of vehicles have been launched, including urban electric bicycles, mountain bikes, folding bicycles, and other types of vehicles, which can cover most of the daily use scenarios.


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