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Context: Escooter urban road safety, and the safety of vulnerable road users

Cities and towns are home to 72% of the population of the European Union. These are the places where the majority of journeys begin and end. These urban centres face multiple, often conflicting needs and challenges when it comes to managing the way people and goods move around. The nature of these challenges is also evolving.

Urban populations are increasing, the population is ageing, people are being encouraged to walk and cycle more as concerns over congestion and air pollution move up the political agenda. New forms of mobility, such as e-scooters, are on the rise.

Shared bicycle and e-bicycle schemes, shared e-scooters that can be picked up and dropped off anywhere, app-based taxi services, bicycle and motorcycle food delivery companies – these are just a few of the services that have developed increasingly over the last decade. But policy and regulation are slow to catch-up. Recommendations on Safety of E-scooters.

Innovation can also be harnessed for the purpose of improving the safety of the people who live and work in cities. There are towns and cities in Europe that are getting close to Vision Zero or have a clear strategy on how to get there, but they are few and far between. In most European cities and towns, the transport modes that cause the least risk to other people, i.e. walking and cycling carry the highest risks for those that use them. What can be done to make our urban roads safe for all road users, not just those in cars and other large vehicles fitted with the latest safety technology?

The scope of this report is to look at some elements of the design and safe use of e-scooters, but it should be read as a complement to ETSC’s comprehensive recent work (and recommendations) on urban road safety, pedestrians and cyclists, and young road users. 6 7 8 The Safe System approach to road safety and Vision Zero define our approach. Many aspects of road safety such as keeping vulnerable road users separate from heavy motor vehicles in traffic, setting appropriate speed limits, tackling drink-driving, and education and training, will create a safer urban environment for all road users, including e-scooter riders. But there are also unique and particular characteristics of current e-scooter design and use that need special attention. Those aspects are the focus of this report.


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