Electric bike expertise

How do I select the right e-bike?

The options of bike types are dizzying. Discuss the type of riding you expect to be doing with your local bike shop. They may recommend that you try bike types you are not familiar with, but that may better serve your needs than more familiar bikes.

Make sure to take test rides on a range of different types and sizes of bikes to understand what will work comfortably for you.E-bikes are generally significantly heavier than pedal-only bikes. Expect anywhere from 30 – 70 pounds. Weight and balance issues should be considered carefully. Try picking up the bike to get it up over a curb or up a short flight of stairs to make sure the weight balance works for you. Your dealer will also provide invaluable advice on sizing. Ask your dealer about options for taking a bike for a longer test ride. Some dealers offer rentals for a full day or more with the rental price applicable toward a purchase.

Find the right type and size of bike

What type of bike do I need? E-bikes come in all shapes and sizes. Consider how you will use it and what type of bike will be most comfortable and effective for the kind of riding you want to do. Bikes (electric or solely pedal powered) fall into and between a wide variety of categories and there is an e-bike made in every category

E-bike components

Once you have selected the bike type you want to ride, you will find that e-bikes come in a variety of different setups for the motor and controls. Pedal assist vs throttle controls. Pedal-assist (or pedelec) bikes detect when you press on a pedal and instantly provide power to help. They also detect how hard you are pressing and provide a proportional amount of power to what you are producing. The harder you pedal, the harder the motor pushes. This makes it feel very natural. You also can select between 3-5 levels of assistance depending on the model. You can dial up more assistance to make pedaling faster or to make a steep hill climb easier or dial down less assistance when you want to make the battery last longer or want to get more exercise.

Throttle bikes have a twist grip, trigger lever or button that controls the motor without pressing a pedal. They are a good option for those who are less able to pedal. They put more wear on the gears and chain and use more electricity. All throttle e-bikes must have operable pedals. Some throttle bikes have a pedal assist mode in addition to a nopedal throttle mode. The E-bike Class system The state of California defines e-bikes by using a three-class system, defined largely by the type of electric motor control (pedal assist or throttle) and top assisted speed (20 or 28 mph)2 . These limits control the maximum speed at which the motor will provide assistance to the rider. They are for safety on lanes and paths that are shared with non-motorized bicycles, and in some cases. with pedestrians. A cyclist may still ride the bike faster under their own pedal power, subject to other local speed limits.


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