Electric bike expertise

Roadmap to this Guide

This Guide is aimed at the new bike buyer who is considering purchase of an e-bike. It provides guidance for purchasing a bike to meet your needs and tips for how to take care of your new bike. It does not assume extensive previous understanding of bicycles.

What is an e-bike provides a basic description of what an e-bike can do for you and how it works.

Find the right type and size of bike. This section provides an overview of the range of bikes available in the market today with or without electric assist and discusses how to select one that fits your life.

E-bike components This section identifies the key components that make an e-bike work and discusses different options that you will see in the market and how to think about which will be best for you.

Outfitting & protecting your e-bike This section describes accessories such as lights, helmets, and baskets that the buyer should consider purchasing with their e-bike for safety security and to make the bike most useful for carrying cargo.

Taking care of your new e-bike – This section covers key issues to consider once you take your bike home – how to keep your bike safe, get the most life out of your battery and maintain your new bike.

More Resources – This provides links to websites with more information about e-bikes. There are currently three factsheets that are abbreviated versions of portions of this document:

  1. Intro to e-bikes – A brief description and FAQ on e-bikes. Aimed at introducing newcomers to the concept of an e-bike and answering basic questions about how they work. For promotional purposes to get people interested in e-bikes and ready to consider one.
  1. Outfitting & protecting your e-bike – A list of important accessories to purchase with a new bike and reminders about insurance. Designed for use as a shopping checklist to get everything needed to ride safely and protect and maintain the bike.
  1. Taking care of your new e-bike – Owners guide type information on security, battery care, and maintenance.


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