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Belgium emerges as fastest growing e-bike market

The growth rate of the bicycle market in Europe will generally slow down in 2022, but the total market volume is still huge. In 2022, the sales volume of the European bicycle market will increase to 22 million, and the market size will reach 9.68199 billion US dollars. Some categories of electric bicycles will remain a relatively high market Acceleration, such as electric cargo bikes, electric mountain bikes, etc. With the development and popularity of the industry, the market growth situation dominated by Germany, France and Italy in the past has changed. Among them, Belgium has jumped to the fastest growing electric bicycle market with a 47% increase.

Bicycle and e-bike market growth

The Belgian bicycle market will sell 569,112 units in 2019, 592,107 units in 2020, 584,913 units in 2021, and 685,871 units in 2022, of which the sales volume of electric bicycles will be 193,626 units in 2019, 228,400 units in 2020, and 228,400 units in 2021 226,294 vehicles and 328,080 vehicles in 2022.

2022 is the year with the largest growth rate for the Belgian bicycle market. Compared with the market growth of 19% in 2021, the growth of electric bicycles in 2022 will reach a high point of 47%.

Compared with the markets of neighboring countries such as Germany and the Netherlands, the electric bicycle market in Belgium has grown slowly in recent years. Last year, electric bicycles and the overall bicycle market rebounded sharply after the supply chain restrictions were lifted. Like many EU countries, electric bicycles have contributed to the growth of sales.

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Electric bike penetration

From 2019 to 2022, the market share of electric bicycles in Belgium is about one-third, and the growth rate is relatively small. However, electric bicycles accounted for 91.7% of the growth of the entire market last year, and the market share of electric bicycles has grown from one-third in four years Nearly half of the Belgian electric bicycle market has exceeded 47%, and the proportion of IBD sales has reached 53%.

Multi-channel (including major sports brands, online sales, etc.) sales of electric bicycles have increased, but the growth rate is much lower than that of professional trade, while traditional mechanical bicycles still maintain a dominant position, but electric bicycles will soon replace the bicycle market rate will also increase.

Top selling cargo bikes

The highest-selling segment in Belgium was electric cargo bikes, with 150,000 units sold and a market share of 21.57%. The other top five categories are 117,600 variable-speed electric bicycles, 88,900 mountain bikes, 76,000 off-road bikes, and 67,200 road bikes.

Belgium remains one of the most important markets for high-speed pedelecs in Europe, with the category growing by 42.1% to 17,711 units compared to 13,417 in 2019. Only 2.6% of the overall Belgian market can be classified as speed assist e-bikes.

Bike Prices Rise

The price of bicycles has also generally increased in recent years. The average price of electric bicycles in Belgium will increase by 4% in 2021 compared to 2020, from 2,191 euros to 2,283 euros, and the average price of bicycles will increase by more than 8% from 2,031 euros to 2,197 euros. The high-end market in Belgium is more popular with consumers, and e-bikes priced above 3,000 euros have also seen a significant increase. In Belgium, more than 30% of purchased vehicles are electric bicycles, and the price is also above 1500 euros.


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