Electric bike expertise

European and American electric bicycle development trend

The Dutch, German, Nordic, Austrian and Swiss markets for electric bikes are expensive, reliable, prefer bicycle-like models, pay attention to detail, and have a refined appearance. Most electric bikes cost more than 1,800 euros. Most electric bike components are sourced in China and assembled in Europe.

European customers used to have an impression of electric bikes as unreliable products for the elderly and the infirm, but now they have transformed into an ideal means of transportation for all ages, suitable for students and white-collar workers for short trips. Today, almost all traditional bicycle manufacturers have at least one electric bike product.

Every day, European newspapers, trade magazines and television report on electric bikes from different angles: they are environmentally friendly, fuel efficient, easy to park and faster. These reports have made consumers realize that electric bikes are a wise choice for short trips.

Some newly emerged enterprises specializing in the production and research and development of electric bikes have developed well, but they lack the perfect distribution channels of established enterprises.

The American market is different, with sales exceeding supply.

North America’s largest bike show, are showcasing higher-priced, higher-quality products. These electric bikes have more powerful motors and more advanced batteries. This is likely to cause average prices to rise.


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