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Would you use an ebike for daily commuting ?

Would you use an ebike for daily commuting ?

Now, not only for the exercise, but also for the savings. In fact, it’s an amazing alternative to a second car. Here are two big reasons why ebikes are superior to a car for commuting.

Sticker Price

Your average new car costs north of $30k. For a $32k car ($35k with taxes and fees) you’re looking at a recommended $7k down, with $28k financed. Let’s call the loan a four-year at a solid interest rate of 3%.
On the other hand, a decent electric bicycle runs anywhere from $1.5-4k. And speaking of running, many electric bicycles can go 40+ miles on a charge, so hold off on the “not with my commute” argument.


Utility, in economic terms, is the usefulness or enjoyment a consumer gets from her purchase. It’s also where even the most level-headed of us can quickly veer off course, since the imagined utility of a 400 horsepower roadster can’t really be topped by anything with pedals.
The bicycle, however, does have certain utility benefits that a car will never have, including built-in exercise, the freedom from traffic-related stress, and the benefit of more time outdoors. Ultimately, you’ll need to do your own math, but be sure to consider the long-term enjoyment as well as the short-term rush of your purchase.


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