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Electric bikes are an environmentally friendly way to travel

Electric bikes are an environmentally friendly way to travel

A recent article about electric bicycles has aroused widespread concern in the United States. According to the article, compared with other plans aimed at achieving zero traffic emissions, the electric bicycle subsidy plan proposed by the Washington, D.C. government ($400~1200/unit, about 2715~8146 yuan/unit) has “the greatest environmental return”. The report further pointed out that “electric vehicles are much more expensive than electric bicycles, and require a lot of money to really reduce their costs”, which means that under the same subsidy, electric bicycles can make a greater contribution to the action of replacing fuel vehicles than electric vehicles, and its effect is about 2.9 times that of electric vehicles.

The report also quoted a model, which predicted that the annual sales of electric bicycles under the new subsidies would increase by 15%, and 44% of the sales would be purchased by new buyers who were encouraged. It can be seen that this move will greatly popularize the use of electric bicycles. Although electric bicycles cannot completely replace fuel vehicles, the report emphasizes that they can have a significant impact on driving mileage. According to the report, if a family buys (and uses) an electric bicycle, their fuel mileage will be reduced by more than 1/3. In addition, in view of the additional benefits of electric bicycles, such as easy charging and less pressure on urban streets, electric bicycles deserve further promotion.


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