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Ebikes vs cars why ebikes are better than cars

Ebikes vs cars why ebikes are better than cars

1.Cycling is great exercise; cars are just sitting.

2.Ebikes aren’t polluting the world with disgusting exhaust.

3.Bicycles are much less expensive than automobiles.

4.No gas price concerns.  If the price of gas is going up, that’s a car problem.

5.Traffic jam?  Not for a cyclist, just ride on by.

6.Car insurance sure is expensive, don’t need it for a bicycle.

7.Won’t get door dings in a parking lot with a ebike.

8.Can be hard to find a parking spot with a car, not a problem with a ebike.

9.Never seen a parking meter for a bicycle.

10.Can ride paths and trails where cars can’t go.

11.Riding a ebike is way more fun than boring old driving a car.


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