Electric bike expertise

Why choose the electric bike

Why choose the electric bike, Its kinetic energy source is cleaner and more efficient.

A bicycle isn’t primarily for exercise for most users, it’s for transport. A bicycle is far faster and easier than walking, and if all you’re moving is yourself and a small to moderate amount of luggage, it’s often the minimum reasonable vehicle to solve your problem.  It’s about as light as it can be, and the source of kinetic energy (the rider) is cheap, clean and efficient.

Not everyone wants to be their vehicle’s only power source. They might be less physically able, or they might just not want to exert themselves that much on their commute or in the course of their work. Ebikes are popular with delivery riders

For many years, one option has been to fit an internal combustion engine to your vehicle. It costs more, but fuel is replenished quickly and can be bought fairly cheaply in many places.
Even fairly small gasoline engines can generate enough power to sustain higher speeds and easily carry more weight than human-powered cars. If you want considerably more power than a human rider could produce, this is probably still the best option as the energy density of petrol is very difficult for batteries (or anything else, really) to compete with.

Advantages of electric bikes

If you don’t really want more power output than a bicycle, though, an electric bicycle is perfect. It produces about as much power as the rider would (maybe a little more or less, depending on the e-bike and the rider), almost as cleanly and cheaply, and you can always fall back on pedalling if your battery runs out (although it will be a little heavier going than a normal bicycle). It has all the transport capabilities of a bicycle and you get to decide your level of involvement in terms of how much effort you put in. The more you voluntarily propel the bike with the pedals, the longer your battery will last. You still get some exercise on an e-bike (as noted, you get as much as you want. You can choose how much power assist to use at any given time. The point of them is that they are a very good, cheap, clean form of transport.

It’s always been true that a lot of people driving cars could instead have been riding bicycles. It would always have been a good thing if more of them had chosen to do so. E-bikes make commuting by bicycle more pleasant and practical for more people. They’re already phenomenally useful and reasonably cheap, and they’re only going to improve as battery and motor technology improves.


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