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New York received $25 million to build an electric bicycle charging station

On June 25th, New York City announced that they will receive $25 million in emergency funding from the federal government for the construction of electric bicycle charging stations in the city, with plans to build charging facilities in dozens of locations.

The grant was provided by the Transportation in the United States. Two New York state councilors also attended the press conference and stated that they will continue to find solutions to the safety issues of electric bicycles.

The mayor stated that the main purpose of this plan is to serve the delivery staff in the city, who have a huge demand for charging. Improving infrastructure can help provide them with a safer and more efficient charging method. “This means that residents no longer need to charge in their apartments, which is very dangerous, especially when you usually charge at night

In March of this year, Mayor Eric Adams announced that the city government is working to establish a charging station. This funding will support the construction of 170 charging devices in approximately 50 locations.

At a press conference, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer stated that charging stations provide “new hope” to prevent fires caused by inferior batteries and chargers.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand stated that she and Schumer are developing legislation to establish safety standards for batteries. If passed, “she said,” the market will reduce improperly produced batteries.


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