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Why Europeans love electric bicycles

Why Europeans love electric bicycles

  1. Riding is more energy-efficient

    Although Europeans love bicycles and are the center of the global cycling culture, more and more people are giving up using bicycles as a daily commuting tool, and the bicycle industry is in a downward trend all year round. The emergence of electric bicycles has solved the “physical burden” obstacle and has become the biggest driving force of the bicycle industry, with an annual growth rate of more than 30% in recent years.
    At this year’s Eruobike, almost all the bicycle manufacturers and top accessories manufacturers like shimano put their bicycles and related parts in the most prominent position for display.

  2. Convenient transportation

Europe is mainly a small number of large cities and a large number of small cities and towns, because there are a large number of old cities, the streets are narrow and not suitable for too many cars, public transportation can only cover a network, and there is often a certain distance between the nodes. Many small cities and towns do not have enough public transportation, so it is only natural that many people choose to use motorcycles as their daily commuting tool, which is not as tiring as riding a bicycle, but just as convenient.

  1. More suitable for long-distance riding

Europe is the center of cycling culture, and the natural scenery in Europe is beautiful, so many people like to take long-distance rides and enjoy the scenery along the way. The emergence of motorcycles has solved the problem of cycling fatigue, so more people can choose to try long-distance cycling without psychological burden, without worrying about physical exhaustion or overweight luggage, and while experiencing the fun of cycling, there is more energy to enjoy the scenery along the way. Now many European countries have opened up a large number of bicycle tour routes, to Switzerland, for example, a day of more than 70 kilometers of cycling routes, you can enjoy the villages, lakes, farms, mountains along the way, this kind of close to nature is to drive a car can not feel, and the general use of bicycles and difficult to ride such a long distance, motorcycles have become the best tour tools.

  1. It’s good for your health

Due to the large number of cyclists, physical injuries related to bicycles are relatively common in Europe, such as the wear and tear of knees and waist caused by excessive cycling intensity in the face of slope, headwind and bumpy road, muscle strain, cramps and falls when the body is not supported. The appearance of electric bicycle greatly alleviates the pressure on the knee and waist, and greatly reduces the damage caused by physical exhaustion. In addition, in Europe, we can see that a large number of “silver generation” use electric bicycles. Electric bicycles not only allow them to continue to use bicycles in poor physical strength, but also play an effective role in protecting their bodies.


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