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Do electric bike and scooters need license

Do electric bike and scooters need license

Electric¬†bikes are not in CC (as they dont have combustion engines using petrol or diesel) they have motors rated in w (watts). ūüôā
Anyway, the CMVR (central motor vehicles rules) exempts electric vehicles upto 250 W from licensing requirement.
So if you are driving a scooter of 250 W which is good enough for personal transportation. Most consumer scooters are that spec only. They drive upto 60 KMPH.
Depends on the power and speed of the bike you are riding.
Scooters with a¬†250 W motor and maximum speed capped to 25‚Äď30 kmph¬†DO¬†NOT require¬†license¬†and registration. Examples include HE Flash Standard, HE Optima, HE Optima E2, HE Cruz, HE Nyx, Yo Electron, Yo Edge, Yo xplor and so on.
But scooters with power in excess of 250 W, and speed higher than 30 will need license and registration. Examples include HE Flash E5 (lithium ion), HE Photon, AXL-HE 20, HE 17, HE 18, HE 19 (all 4 are prototypes), HE Nyx E5, Okinawa Praise and Ridge, Yo EXL and so on.


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