Electric bike expertise

How electric bike works

Most electric bikes are pedelecs, so the motor only operates when you pedal.

You can simply buy and ride a pedelec because it’s regarded as a bicycle; the motor will only work below 25 km/h. Of course you can still go faster downhill.

25 km/h is a speed that a regular cyclist on a mechanical bike can reach on level ground as well.

An electric bike that works without pedaling would be technically possible, but would have to be registered as a motorcycle, insured and require a driving licence and a helmet. They might exist but because of these hurdles aren’t very widespread.

The shaft is hollow feeding power to the winding’s in the center attached to the bicycle forks and the magnets in the hub attached to the wheel are attracted and repelled to rotate the wheel directly.

Depends on the model. On throttle-controlled vehicles, the motor does everything for you, so there is no need to pedal.

With bottom bracket drive, the engine kicks in at launch, in tight spots and when accelerating, and you need to tune its power. In such modifications, it is necessary to pedal, but this takes much less effort than on a mechanical bicycle. You can climb steep mountains, cover long distances and not get tired. So, throttle electric bikes conserve charge and ride on problem areas.


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