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How to ride an electric bike

How to ride an electric bike: the things you haven’t thought about but should Start slow

Start slow

It’s a good idea to start in a flat, open, area. Electric bikes are heavier and switching gears while not riding is more difficult because of that weight. If you can do it though, pick up the rear of the bike and turn the pedals a few times while shifting to an easy gear. Start out without assistance at all. Get the bike moving and when you feel steady and comfortable turn on the assistance. This process will help you feel in control as the assistance kicks in.

However, it also might not be possible to shift gears and start riding without the electric assist, because of the weight of an electric bike. If you need the electric assist to get started, go ahead and use it. Be aware of the direction of the bike. Make sure it’s clear, and you are going to be able to concentrate on riding. Make sure the electric assist is in the lowest setting and that you know where the brakes are. Also, make sure you know which is the front brake and the rear brake.

Understand your brakes 

Electric bikes are heavy compared to non-electric bikes. That weight combined with higher speeds makes braking something to really concentrate on. You want to make sure you have an understanding of how the brakes on your bike feel and which brake lever does what.

One of the first things to understand with a new electric bike is what kind of brakes you have. It’s actually a good thing to look for when shopping but definitely once you have the bike take a look. Mechanical disc brakes stop because of a cable pulling the callipers closed. There is a physical connection between the brake lever and the harder you pull, the stronger the braking power. If you have hydraulic disc brakes the only connection between the lever and the caliper is fluid.