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Statistics on Price Trends of Mountain Bikes in North America in Recent Years

The increase in bicycle prices in recent years due to the epidemic is evident to everyone, and the price of vehicles continues to rise with the rapid expansion of demand. A study by the Bicycle Association found that since 2019, the average selling price of bicycles has increased by 26%. A 2021 Bloomberg report states that the average price of bicycles increased by 27% from the beginning of the year to March.

Mountain bikes are no exception. The specialized high-end product series S-Works had a high selling price of £ 5499 in 2009, and based on a 4% inflation rate, the current price should be £ 8800. However, in reality, the current list price is £ 11500, and last year alone, it has increased by £ 1000. In recent years, the price trend of mountain bikes has shown an overall upward trend, but there have been some changes due to the impact of the overall environment, Statistical analysis of price changes in recent years is also meaningful for assessing future trends. (Taking North America as an example)

The price of mountain bikes has decreased after its peak, but remains at a high level

If we remove the impact of inflation and look at the price changes over the past five years, we find that by March 2020, if we ignore the seasonal changes in Canada, the changes during the epidemic period were approximately 20% to 25% higher. By the end of 2022, Canadian prices were still close to historical highs, but soon they would have dropped significantly in winter, although they were still at high levels compared to before the epidemic.

New bike prices rise, old bike prices decrease.

Taking the mountain bikes sold for the same model as an example, the price of new bicycles was around $4250 before the epidemic, and then began to rise, with an increase of over 20%, exceeding $5000. However, the overall average price level of low-end products in the industry has not increased significantly, and the significant increase is more likely caused by professional high-end bicycles produced by manufacturers. There have also been market shortages during the epidemic, which to some extent helped drive up prices.



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