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New European Freight Bicycle Standards Coming Soon

The development of a new standard for freight bicycles in Europe began on January 20, 2020. Prior to the introduction of the new standard, the DIN 79010 standard was developed by Ernst Brust, the founder of Velotech.de, as the chairman. The last revision of the standard was in 2020. The new standard will abolish the old standard, but testing will still be conducted according to the German DIN 79010 standard before its official implementation. I have also used the old standard 15194 for urban and hiking bicycles. However, due to the increase in load capacity of freight bicycles and the safety concerns of transportation personnel, freight bicycles have not been equipped with chains and toothed belts, so other standards are gradually no longer applicable.

According to data from Grandview Research, the market size of freight bicycles reached $2.4069 billion in 2022, with Europe occupying a dominant position and gaining 46.5% of the market share in 2021. The demand for freight fleets and environmentally safe transportation alternatives in Europe is a key factor driving the growth of the freight bicycle market. The introduction of new standards will promote the standardization and professional development of the European freight bicycle industry.

Europe is currently the largest market for freight bicycles, and the Asia Pacific region is considered to grow into the second largest market. Countries such as China, Japan, and Singapore are all emphasizing the deployment and support of the infrastructure required for bicycle construction. The development of modern technologies such as the Internet of Things and 5G has also expanded the scope of use of freight bicycles, promoting their application in facilities management, rental services, municipal services, and express delivery services.