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Spanish bicycle exports to grow by 76.5% in 2022

As the fourth largest economy in the Eurozone, Spain’s record in the European bicycle market is even more impressive. Since 2015, the country’s imports of electric bicycles have doubled, from 41,000 to 96,000, an increase of 134.6%. It is said that during the epidemic, bicycle sales in May 20 compared with the same period last year The growth is more than 22 times.

After breaking records for two consecutive years, the Spanish bicycle industry’s sales growth will begin to slow down at the end of 2022, but employment and national production data are very positive, and the bicycle market has achieved unprecedented growth in exports.

Spanish bicycle market sales

In 2022, the sales of the bicycle industry will be 2.714 billion euros, a year-on-year decrease of 6% compared with 2021; bicycle sales will reach 1.357 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 13.6%, but compared with sales before the epidemic, it is still at a high level. Among them, the growth of electric bicycles is considerable. In 2022, the sales of electric bicycles in Spain will reach 236,000 units, an increase of 5.7% over 2021.

Bicycle production grows, exports expand rapidly

In 2022, there will be 3,111 bicycle sales, maintenance and rental outlets in Spain, an increase of 2.74% compared to last year, and the number of bicycle manufacturers will also increase by 10.77% to 401. The production value will reach 255.8 million euros in 2022, setting a production record. It also brings a large number of employment opportunities, and the number of employment in the country’s bicycle industry has risen to 24,456.

Compared with developing the domestic market, Spain is more interested in exporting, and compared with 2021, bicycle exports will increase by 76.5%, which is three times that of 2019. France is the main country for Spanish exports, accounting for 38% of total exports, followed by Portugal and Italy.

In the sales data, the component sales turnover increased by 2.51% compared with 2021, but the sales of helmets, clothing, and footwear products all declined to varying degrees.

Bike Prices Rise

In 2022, the average price of bicycles in Spain will exceed 1,000 euros for the first time, of which the average price of electric bicycles will be 2,940 euros. .

The increase in price is mainly due to the increase in the sales proportion of high-priced electric bicycles and the decrease in sales of bicycles in the low-end market, which is also affected by the increase in raw materials and transportation costs.

Bike Demand Category Changes

Before 20 years, mountain bikes were the most popular category, accounting for about 37% of the total sales of bicycles in the Spanish market. The best-selling bicycle category in 2022 will be urban bikes, with sales increasing by 22.5% compared with 21 years to reach 23.6 vehicles.

For the third consecutive year, e-bikes led the way in terms of turnover, accounting for 45.66% of bicycle sales; followed by mountain bikes, which accounted for 34.5% of the market and accounted for 28.45% of sales; compared to the previous year, the decline in sales The biggest are gravel bikes and mountain bikes, which are down 34.35% and 23% respectively.

In terms of financing, the mountain bike segment ranked first, accounting for more than 70%. E-bikes came in second, growing by more than 16% per year.

Spain does not provide subsidies, tax incentives and other policies for bicycles like France, Germany and other countries, but according to Spanish official data, the turnover of the bicycle industry last year was the best year in recent years. The government has also begun to guide and plan the industry. This year, it released the first bicycle strategy and budget to make bicycle travel more convenient by improving bicycle infrastructure.